New York City: Vegan Fashion Diary

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New Yawwwwwwk! There are just some places you visit over and over again and it feels magical every time. New York City is one of those places for me. This trip was special, because it marked a kind of coming out moment for me. It was the first time since starting my career as an online personality that I really started working on developing my style.

I was only there for two days—it was a quick trip to shoot a video with Marriott Bonvoy Traveler, so for this style diary, I have two outfits to share.

When I went it was collllldddd outside, so most of these pieces work better for wintertime. However, my favorite time of year to shop is end of season, because you’ll usually find better prices as stores try to clear their inventory. So shop smart and score your winter clothes for next winter now that spring is here!

Here are my vegan-friendly New York looks and links to grab these same or similar pieces:


New York has a plethora of rooftop bars to chill at. Here I’m at Castell, located at the top of the AC Hotel Time Square in the Garment District of NYC. Peep my vegan shoes. Stylish, sexy, and cruelty-free.


Grey Blazer | Shop Here

Black Mesh Booties | Shop Here

Hoop Charm Layered Necklace | Shop Here

Red Lace Dress | Shop Here


Wondering how to tell if your shoes are vegan or not? There’s a symbol system. If you see an animal hide symbol, that means it’s leather and not vegan. If you see a diamond, no animal materials were used.


Whether I was out in Times Square or flying over it by helicopter, this outfit lasted me all day and night. In my Instagram stories, I asked in a poll how many of you have ever explored a city by helicopter, and 73% of you said no. If that’s you, consider adding it to your list!

I’ve been to New York City a gazillion times, yet I’ve never experienced it from up above like this. I saw it from a completely different vantage point – and issa whole different vibe!


Faux Fur Jacket | Shop Here

Black Skirt with Tie Belt | Shop Here

Yellow Sweatshirt | Shop Here

Faux Leather Burgundy Shoulder Bag | Shop Here

Lips Earrings | Shop Here


Finding fur alternatives isn’t hard these days! A lot of companies are making strides to reject cruel practices in the name of fashion. Pay attention to the labels. Polyester is a material commonly used to achieve a fur look without using fur. The downside though? It’s not a very eco-friendly material. But then again, neither is fur.

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