Beach Accessories to Rock This Summer

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It always seems like summer takes forever to get here, but it’s finally arriving. Yassss! So peeps, I want to share some of the beach accessories I’ve fallen in love with during my recent sunny getaways that’ll be perfect for any summer trips you have planned. Without further ado, here are my latest beach essentials.

Wood Watch

Every traveler needs a watch. There might come a time when you’ll be out and your phone will die. Or maybe you just want to unplug altogether and leave your phone in your hotel room while you hit the beach to relax. Get a watch!

I recently got into wood watches. This one I’m wearing in the photo below was made by Jord and I support this product because it was made sustainably. Y’all know I like anything that fits my sustainable/vegan/eco-friendly lifestyle (PS. Is there a word that covers all 3 of those things??).

Also, go here to enter to win $100 towards a Jord watch of your choice. This is the one I got and I now wear it on every vacation. Peep how the aqua color matches the ocean.

Beach Accessories to Rock This Summer

Funky Sunglasses

Normally I just buy a pair from Marshalls or TJ Maxx and call it day, but lately I’ve been experimenting with funkier sunglasses. I decided to try a different shape, so I went with cat-eye. I wasn’t sure how they’d look on me because I have a long face shape. I have to be careful with sunglasses because the wrong shape can make my face look even longer.

The pair I tried is from Asos and I wore these sassy thangs in Hong Kong.

Beach Accessories to Rock This Summer

Eye Mask

I never realized just how much an eye mask would come in handy. I’m a deep sleeper, so I never thought I’d need one, but it really does make a difference. Plus, if you get a cute one, then it also turns into a functionally cute accessory.

I got this one from Sleepy Cottage, but they have a ton of different designs to choose from. I found it super handy when I was lounging out in a cabana in Mexico. I wasn’t directly in the sunlight so I didn’t need sunglasses, but it was still bright out so I whipped out my eye mask instead.

Beach Accessories to Rock This Summer

Customizable Sandals

Please tell me I’m not alone when I say sometimes I have a problem with over packing. It’s a legit problem sometimes so I often have to police myself when packing. But mainly when it comes to clothes. Shoes not so much! I have that down to a science. Earlier this year I got into customizable sandals. I buy one shoe with different color straps that I can swap out, and boom—I turn one shoe into several.

The ones I have are made by Cambiami and I wore them in Cuba. They have vegan sole options.

Beach Accessories to Rock This Summer

Beach Hat

And last but not least, I love love love hats. Although I’ve been experimenting more and more with rocking my big curly hair, when the volume isn’t there and my head is more hat-friendly, please believe I don’t hit the beach without one.

In the first photo, I’m wearing a hat I bought from Missguided. The 2nd hat is a birthday gift from my best friend Jenny that she got from British hat-making company Christy’s Hats.

Birchwood Hotel balcony | Shop the Look on my blog

Beach Accessories to Rock This Summer

What are some beach accessories you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comment section below!


Beach Accessories to Rock This Summer

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