Wanderful: A Female Traveler’s Dream Come True

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Sorry fellas. This one’s for the ladies! To all my fun, fierce female travelers out there – I have some exciting news to share. Traveling the world solo or with your girlfriends just got easier. Ever heard of Wanderful, the global network for women who travel? Well they just launched the world’s first women-only homesharing network (I wish I’d thought of this), and it’s open to all Wanderful members!


They are kindly letting me give away 10 FREE Wanderful memberships to my blog readers! So I’m going to gift a free membership to the FIRST 10 people who share this post on Twitter. Don’t forget to:

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 This way I can track your entry! The membership is worth $119 y’all. And you’d be paying $0. Sooooo, get to sharin’.

For those of you who haven’t tweeted this out yet, here’s the part where I give you more deets so you can understand just how awesome this is and why you’ll want to go ahead and hit that share button.


I first learned about Wanderful when I attended the Women in Travel Summit in California last year. WITS is a big annual travel conference for women that was created by Wanderful—and it’s pretty much amazing. In fact, this conference inspired me to quit my corporate job and pursue my dreams of turning my love of travel into a career (more on that in a later post).

After feeling empowered from attending WITS, I researched Wanderful and what they were all about. I can’t stress enough how beneficial it is to surround yourself with other women who love to travel as much as you do. That’s essentially what Wanderful provides – a safe network of over 12,000 women travelers who are there for you all around the world.

Here’s everything you get with your Wanderful membership:

  • Homesharing network just for women!
  • Global chapter events
  • Member trips
  • Hotel discounts
  • $20 off Women in Travel Summit (you know…the conference that changed my life)
  • Blog feature on ShesWanderful.com
  • New member referrals
  • Support for women travelers and entrepreneurs around the globe
Women in Travel Summit 2016
Yep that’s me in the front row with the pink shirt, big smile, and cheesy 2 thumbs up.


The homesharing network is for women and hosted by women. Members of Wanderful have access to this women-only homesharing network, where they can stay with other identity-verified travelers all around the world. And it’s not just restricted to accommodations—members can also offer their availability for meeting up with Wanderful travelers who are visiting their hometown to show them around or even just to meet up and hang out!

Since my husband can’t travel as much as I do, I often find myself traveling alone or with girlfriends. Despite reassuring him that I’ll be fine, he’s always worried about my safety. Now that I’m a member of Wanderful, he actually feels relieved knowing that wherever I go, I’ll have trustworthy women I can reach out to if I need help.


Don’t worry, I still have something for ya 😉

If you’re not one of the 1st 10 people to tweet this post, I have a discount code you can use to get $15 off up until May 1st! Visit the Wanderful page, sign up for the annual membership, and type TRAVELLUSHES in the coupon section at checkout to receive your discount. That’s it—you’re all set. Have fun ladies!


Wanderful Created the World's First Women-Only Homesharing Network! Here's How to Join.


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