5 Tesla Model S Features That Excite Me

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As a sustainable travel and lifestyle blogger, I’ve been dying to own an electric car. Personally, my interest piqued last fall when I drove the Ford Fusion Energi, a hybrid vehicle, during a road trip from NYC to the Berkshires. Fast forward to 2017. That interest was finally starting to manifest into a serious consideration. So my husband and I decided to test drive a Tesla Model S. We figured if we’re gonna go EV, we might as well go big.

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Watch My Test Drive Video (and continue reading below):

5 Cool Features I Learned About During the Test Drive

1. Enhanced Auto Pilot Mode

This enables some autonomous driving. You still need to pay attention, of course, but it’s a neat feature. During the test drive I was so freaking nervous to let go of the wheel. It didn’t feel natural at all. How the hell was I supposed to trust a car to stay in the lane or decelerate if the car in front of me started to slow down?

Nonetheless, I let go. And you know what? It didn’t fail me. As nerve-racking as it was to watch this feature in action, I’m pretty confident it’s something I can learn to get accustomed to.

2. Full Self-Driving Mode is on the Way

If I thought enhanced autopilot mode was a nail-biting experience, I just know full self-driving mode is going to be terrifying, but you know, in an exhilarating kind of way. When this rolls out, the cars will actually be able to drive for us!

I’m not just talking simple cruise control and lane changes. I mean you put an address in the GPS, and it starts to back out your driveway and chauffer you to that location whether you’re behind the wheel or taking a nap in the back seat. Sound crazy? It’s actually not. With the amount of cameras and sensors, Tesla’s full self-driving mode will be more reliable than a human being.

3. No Combustion Engine = Silence & Space

I never realized how loud a normal car was until I got behind the wheel of an EV. Where was the vroom? Oh duh, no engine. So no vroom.

And because there’s no engine, the car has a front trunk space where an engine would normally go. A frunk…how cute. Beyond the adorability factor, it’s obviously super useful. I don’t need any more space in my car, said no one ever.

4. Super Charging Stations are Errrrrrrywhere

There are nearly 1000 Tesla superchager stations and more are being built, which means I can take long distance road trips without getting range anxiety. As I test drove the Tesla Model S, I saw how the car will plan your entire route based on supercharger locations—it will give you useful information including where to stop, how long it will take to charge your vehicle, if any superchargers are being used by other drivers, and what kind of shops and restaurants are in the area.

5. Tesla offers Vegan Leather!

This is a feature that both PETA and I can appreciate. From what we were told, vegan leather is only offered in white. That’s perfect for us because that’s the color we wanted anyway! I can’t express enough how happy I am about this option.

Let’s be honest—if you’re really into sustainability, then you can’t deny the role animal consumption plays in the destruction of our environment. So, if you want to fight for the planet, go all the way. Veganism isn’t just about being compassionate towards animals; it means taking a stance against an industry that uses up a disgusting amount of land and resources and is responsible for even more greenhouse gas emissions than all the gas-powered vehicles in the world. So yes, that means buying an electric car is a nice step but not as big a step as reducing your consumption of animals. Long story short—thank you Tesla for offering vegan options.

***7/24/17 UPDATE***

Tesla made a huge announcement the other day: Going forward, ALL Tesla vehicles will have vegan interiors. Thanks Elon Musk! You da best.


After the test drive, I was definitely sold. Between the electric engine and the vegan interior options, Tesla is exactly what I want for my green lifestyle. So what next?

The question for us afterwards was—do we go for one of the models that are currently out (Model S or Model X) or do we put ourselves on the waitlist for the much-anticipated Model 3 that probably won’t be delivered until sometime next year?

By process of elimination, we nixed the Model X from the equation. We had no need for an SUV plus the starting price of $82,500 was more than we were willing to shell out. So that left the Tesla Model S and the Model 3.

In the end, our excitement got the better of us. We just didn’t want to wait. So Tesla Model S for the win! Be on the lookout for more updates on our EV adventures, because there are plenty to look forward to—and we hope you’ll join us for the ride 🙂

PS. If you buy a Tesla Model S or Model X, use our referral code to get $1000 off and unlimited supercharging for life (valid only for orders placed up until December 31, 2017).


Ashley 💋

Tesla Model S Test Drive
My husband and I decided to get the Tesla Model S after the test drive.

So what team are you on? Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, or the rumored Model Y? Let me know in the comment section below.


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  SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land


5 Cool Tesla Features That Convinced me to Buy a Tesla Model S

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