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It has happened to us all at some point or another. You hunt for the best deal possible for a plane ticket to that awesome destination you’re trying to get to, decide to check back later hoping for something cheaper, and gasp in horror as an even higher price stares you in the face. Frustrating.

Here’s a quick tip to possibly avoid this in the future. Delete your cookies and search history before and during your search. Doing so just might bring your ticket prices back down. There is a lot of back-and-forth on the subject about whether this is a myth or not, but let’s face it – wouldn’t you rather try just to be on the safe side?

The fact is, more and more companies are conducting experiments using predictive analytics to gain more revenue. A report by the Wall Street Journal revealed Orbitz Worldwide Inc. discovered that individuals who booked their trips through their site using an Apple computer will usually spend up to 30% more on their accommodations than those using Windows to browse the site. So what did they do as a result? The online travel agency started to show Apple users different, and sometimes costlier, travel options than what Windows users would see.

Even as we speak, more than a dozen of the world’s biggest airlines are in the middle of securing government approval to “augment” the current airline pricing technology into something more parallel to the myth about cookies and price jumps. Yikes.

So, next time you find yourself scouring the Internet for deals, try deleting your cookies and search history. Alternatively, you can even browse for ticket prices in Private/Incognito Mode.


The money you save on your tickets can instead be put towards enjoying eco-friendly experiences, delicious vegan restaurants, or you can purchase carbon offsets. Aviation is responsible for at least two percent of the world’s human-induced carbon emissions. Some airlines offer the option to purchase carbon offsets that reduce carbon emissions somewhere else on the planet through activities like planting trees, providing clean cooking stoves in impoverished countries, or installing solar panels and wind turbines.

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