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While traveling, I love trying out the local drinks of the destination I’m visiting. During my recent visit to Peru, I was finally able to drink a cocktail I’ve been dying to try for a long time: The Peruvian Pisco Sour.

What is pisco anyway? Well, it is a type of  brandy which basically means it’s a spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice. When I got to Peru, I learned there were SO MANY ways to incorporate pisco into cocktails. In Lima, I tried several pisco drinks, including a delicious pisco punch that just about knocked me out.

Pisco Sour Recipe

Although I’m no longer in Peru (sigh), I hope to at least recreate a memory or two by learning how to make a Peruvian pisco sour, like this one I had in Cusco City.

Peruvian Pisco Sour in Cusco. Learn the recipe!
I tried this delicious pisco sour at Kusikuy Restaurante in Cusco City.

I looked up several recipes to try out; this one is inspired by one I saw on LimaEasy:

What You’ll Need:

• 210 ml (7 oz) good quality Pisco (preferably Aromático, Acholado or Mosto Verde)

• 140 ml (5 oz) sugar syrup

• 70 ml (2 oz) fresh lime juice

• 1 egg white

• Crushed ice

What to do:

Squeeze out some lime juice and separate one egg white. Pour the Pisco, sugar syrup and lime juice into a shaker. Add the egg white and top everything up with crushed ice (when using an electric mixer you can also use ice cubes instead). Shake well until the mix gets really foamy.

Now, pour into a glass and drink up!

PSSSST! If you want to learn more about my trip to Peru, be sure to follow my Peru Travel Guide series.

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Peru Cocktail Recipe - Peruvian Pisco Sour

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