Luxury Hotel Review: The LaLiT Hotel New Delhi, India

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If you’ve been keeping up with my India vlog series on YouTube, then you’ve seen that I’ve been on a long, action-packed 2-week adventure with my friend and photographer Brandon Blue. With adventure, however, comes the inevitable need to slow down and relax. So I planned the trip in a way that allowed me to go out in style in the very end—I booked my last night in India at the 5-star LaLiT Hotel in New Delhi, India.

After two weeks of staying in a wide range of accommodations, staying at The LaLiT helped me see a different side to India that I hadn’t yet experienced—the luxurious side. Everything, from the top-notch service to the layout of the suite I stayed in, made me feel like royalty at this hotel.

Watch it all in the video below and then continue reading for the rest of my review.

My only regret is that I was only there for one night and had an early flight the following morning to catch. So I didn’t get to experience some of the things I really wanted to such as their famous Kitty Su nightclub or award-winning spa. Though my time there was short, here are the top 3 things that stood out to me.


From the moment I walked into the lobby, the staff was so incredible and attentive. By the time I left the next morning, I knew everyone by name. Before I even left the lobby, one of the staff members Aashish asked me what kind of tea I would like to have delivered to my room. From there, he proceeded to walk me to my suite, explaining all the hotel amenities to me along the way.

Everyone was both professional, yet incredibly friendly. It made me feel right at home. I could tell that good service is something they take great pride in. Any question I had, they had an answer. Any request I needed to make, someone was always available to hear it.

Luxury Hotel Review: The LaLit New Delhi, India
Aashish was awesome!


I stayed in the luxury suite, which was incredibly spacious and finely designed. I am also a stickler for bathrooms—a hotel’s bathroom says a lot about the hotel in my opinion, and this one was impeccable. It was also the first shower I had in India that felt truly amazing. I cherished that shower and if it weren’t for me being such an eco-friendly person, I probably would have stayed in there for as long as humanly possible. Oh, and it even had a half bathroom! Never stayed in a hotel room that came with its own half bathroom. That was a first for me.

Luxury Hotel Review: The LaLit New Delhi, India


Since I got in at midnight, it was such a relief to find out the LaLiT has 24-hour service. In the video, you can see how stunned I was when my doorbell rang. When I answered, it was someone delivering the ingredients for the honey ginger lemon tea I requested while I was checking in.

Even the bar is open 24 hours, which meant I could get a glass of wine after my long day of traveling if I wanted. Additionally, 24-hour service means whenever you’re hungry, no matter what time of day or night, there is food readily available for you to order. Their 24/7 Restaurant serves multi-cuisine dishes from around the world, around the clock. I don’t know about you, but for a gal like me who’s always hungry, I for sure appreciated this!

Luxury Hotel Review: The LaLit New Delhi, India


Luxury Hotel Review: The LaLit New Delhi, India

* Thank you LaLiT New Delhi for hosting us in India!

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  1. I’m disappointed you didn’t travel to Goa in India in your India trip. Other places include Munnar in Kerala state.

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