Hotel on Rivington: The Best NYC Views I Ever Had

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Every time I travel to the Big Apple, I make an attempt to experience a different neighborhood; Manhattan is crawling with plenty—each radiating its own very distinct vibe that differentiates it from the rest (read about my experiences in these neighborhoods: Meatpacking District and Gramercy Park). Of all these neighborhoods, I think I may have found one of Manhattan’s most authentic: LES aka The Lower East Side. It’s the one side of New York City I’ve visited where a Sex and the City wardrobe will make you stand out, rather than blend in. No need for anything extra here—just come as you are. But, don’t let all the grittiness fool you. This area exudes an uncanny magnetism with ample pleasures around every corner—hip dive bars, authentic NYC grub, and a luxury boutique hotel with the best view of Manhattan I’ve ever experienced: Hotel on Rivington.

When searching for luxury boutique hotels in Manhattan, I came across Hotel on Rivington and was immediately enamored. I had to experience this self-proclaimed urban oasis in the epicenter of the hip and historic Lower East Side with breathtaking Manhattan views; I needed to see if reality matched their perception of themselves. To my extremely pleasant surprise, it did.


Personalized Customer Service

When I booked my room at Hotel on Rivington, I didn’t feel like just another hotel guest out of many—I felt like I mattered. Of all the hotels I’ve stayed at in NYC, this one made me feel most at home before I even got there, and I owe some of that to Adam. When you go to Hotel on Rivington’s website, you’ll see a tab labeled “Ask Adam” at the top of the page. Who is Adam and why should I ask him things? He’s the hotel’s virtual concierge and go-to-guy for helping you avoid wasting your time trying to find things to do in the Lower East Side. Simply ask Adam and he’ll give you a detailed itinerary for visiting LES hotspots or planning the perfect day in NYC. Oh—and FYI Adam is real. I met the man behind the emails and thanked him for his prompt service.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Wine at Noon

When I checked in, I was told to grab a glass of wine and head up to my room to unwind. I raised my eyebrow—it wasn’t even 5 o’clock yet. Of course, that didn’t stop me. It was 5 somewhere, so why not? Although there are bars all over LES, you really don’t have to leave your hotel room if a buzz is what you need. They put the wine out at 12 noon every day—so if you stay here, pour yourself a glass and be prepared to not want to leave…especially once you get to your room and see your view.

Complimentary wine at Hotel on Rivington
Complimentary wine at Hotel on Rivington.

Insanely Awesome City Views

Excuse me for a moment while I catch my breath. The website was not lying about its breathtaking views. When I walked in, the floor-to-ceiling windows stunned me. Since I booked a corner room with a balcony, my viewing experienced was doubled—and let me tell you, it was worth it. If you go to bed with the curtains open, there is nothing like waking up to a beautiful, sprawling cityscape all around you. It was also the first Manhattan hotel room I stayed in with a balcony, which took my stay to the next level. Cold as it was, walking out on the balcony was still a pleasurable experience.

Balcony of my room at Hotel on Rivington
Balcony of my room at Hotel on Rivington

Spacious Room with a Bed I Couldn’t Leave

The one struggle I have with booking hotels in New York City is finding one with a decent amount of space. I’m not claustrophobic, but the tiny rooms in this big city might make you feel that way, especially if you’re not accustomed to small spaces. The room I booked at Hotel on Rivington was just the right size, and the floor-to-ceiling windows made it feel even bigger. The king-sized bed was just amazing—I have no idea what kind of mattresses they use, but I slept like a newborn baby that night and had a hard time leaving it the next morning.

Hotel on Rivington corner king room
Hotel on Rivington corner king room

The Bathroom: Candles, Views, and Perfect Water Pressure

In true Hotel on Rivington fashion, even the bathroom had views for your enjoyment. It was also the first hotel I ever stayed at that had candles—I struck a match and lit ‘em up, adding even more allure to the ambiance of my hotel room. When I hopped in the shower, I was taken aback by how perfect the water pressure was. Just like the king bed, I probably stayed in it a little longer than necessary.

Bathroom at Hotel on Rivington
Bathroom at Hotel on Rivington

Bars and Restaurants Everywhere

Wintertime in NYC is no walk in Central Park. It can be brutal, especially for a southern gal like me who thinks 69 degrees is freezing. Thankfully, whenever I was outside, it wasn’t for long. There are SO MANY places to go within walking distance of the hotel. Even when I found my stomach rumbling at 11 at night, I was able to walk nearby to find something good to sink my teeth into. In this instance, I wandered into a tiny Indian taco shop called Goa Taco. Not only was my Paneer Cheese Paratha Taco mouth-watering, I loved how it stood as an example of the Lower East Side’s famed diversity, stemming from its immigrant roots.

Goa Taco near Hotel on Rivington
Goa Taco near Hotel on Rivington

Overall, if you’re looking for a luxury boutique hotel in Manhattan that is worth the NYC price you’ll be paying—this is it. You get a lot for your hard-earned money, including complimentary Wi-Fi, assistance from the concierge on how to maximize your trip, super friendly staff, free wine and fruit in the lobby, and a remarkably comfy room with views that will tempt you into extending your stay. After experiencing Hotel on Rivington, I feel fairly certain this just might be my new favorite Manhattan hotel.

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Boutique Hotel Review: Hotel on Rivington - Best NYC Views I Ever Had
NYC Boutique Hotel Review: Hotel on Rivington


11 Replies to “Hotel on Rivington: The Best NYC Views I Ever Had”

  1. That view is amazing. And yes please, wine at noon is a good idea 90% of the time. And that surprises me about having candles, as I’ve worked in many hotels that prohibit them due to fire hazard. Hazzah for being brave and bold!

  2. Amazing views and complimentary wine! Count me in. We have yet to make it to NYC, but I’ll keep this place in mind when we do finally get there.

  3. The views are crazy good from this place! I think I might’ve just stayed in for the entire stay (the wine nearby would also have been a big draw!). 🙂 I’ve never been to NYC (just to Ellis Island once), but I’ll have to remember it for when I do make it up that way.

  4. I’m loving everything about this place, starting with the wine! The view is awesome and it looks more like a condo than a hotel room because of the floor to ceiling windows. It’s lovely.

  5. It sounds like it is in a great location. And I want to try the Goa Taco! The views are fantastic and how great you had good weather. On a rainy day I bet it would be hard to get out of that bed!

    I have pinned it for later and might just have to stay here on my next NYC stopover.

  6. A lot of hotels under estimate how important the water pressure in the showers are! The view was what got my attention but everything else – especially the water pressure =P is what got me to really want to stay here.

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