We Bought a Tesla Model S: Our First Electric Car!

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Before I get into the good ole’ Tesla Model S news, let me just give some brief background about how I got to this point.

I’ve been on a journey to live my greenest life ever since a couple years ago when I woke up and started noticing how much damage is being done to the planet. It all started when I was in Bali and I found myself on a beach covered in litter. Up until that point, I suppose I was living in a bubble, completely unaware of environmental issues and how I was contributing to the problem. That’s why my site has slowly evolved from a generic travel blog into more of a sustainable travel and lifestyle blog.

So that brings me to my latest ‘green’ life update! I wrote a post the other day about how the hubs and I test drove a Tesla Model S and what my favorite features were that prompted me to go ahead and buy this popular EV that’s been all over the news lately. Well…it has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited!

Judging by the overwhelming amount of love we’ve gotten on YouTube about the newest addition to the fam (don’t judge me for making it sound like a baby), it seems like there are a LOT of folks that are excited about it too. Not only excited, but also just plain curious about what making the switch from fuel to electric is like.

Tesla Model S: Our First Electric Car!


Here’s the video chronicling the delivery of our Tesla Model S. Just a heads up, it might seem a tad bit dramatic, but I swear we were just so happy! I know it’s an inanimate object, but it was a proud moment.

WATCH (and continue reading below):


Are you thinking of making the switch to an electric car?

If so, you’re in the right place, because we’ve decided to continue with the Tesla content. Going forward, I’m going to keep up with posting a brand new Tesla video to my YouTube channel every Saturday for your viewing pleasure.

Karl and I plan to give tips, advice, and whatever helpful tidbits of knowledge we gain about Teslas and EVs in general. You can follow along on our road trips and see for yourself if range anxiety is an actual thing you need to worry about. This is something very new for us, so you’ll get to experience it as we do!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for a weird, yet awesome mix of travel and sustainable lifestyle goodness. And if you just want to see Tesla stuff, here’s my Tesla YouTube playlist, which will be updated every week:

PS. If you buy a Tesla Model S or Model X, use our referral code to get $1000 off and unlimited supercharging for life (valid only for orders placed up until December 31, 2017).


Ashley 💋

So do you think you’ll go electric or nah? Drop a comment below and let me know!


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Tesla Model S: Our First Electric Car!

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