Best Private Villa I’ve Ever Experienced in Bali

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I’ve stayed in a few hotels in Bali, but none seemed to wow me as much as Kayumanis Private Estate & Spa. Everything from the remote location to the impeccable level of service we received really defined this place as the ultimate honeymoon spot.

After we left Bali, I asked Karl which hotel was his favorite out of the ones we stayed in, and without hesitation, he said Kayumanis. I wish I could take the credit for finding this gem, but it was actually The Asia Collective who led us to this magical place.

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If you’ve been following along on our honeymoon adventures, then you saw that we spent the first few days in Ubud, one of my favorite Balinese cities. After we checked out of our hotel in Ubud, we drove an hour down to Kayumanis Private Estate & Spa, which houses 19 private villas in Jimbaran. It’s located off a quiet road, and although every villa was fully booked when we arrived, the only noises we heard during our entire stay were the pleasant sounds of nature. The property is huge and they space out each villa to give each guest their peace and privacy.


If you watched the video above, then you’ll hear us enthusiastically refer to our new home as a “super villa”. I’ve stayed in villas before, but this was not your average villa. Or maybe I’ve just been unknowingly staying in basic villas. Either way, this one was different from any other I’ve seen.

They refer to their villas as private estates, and when we walked into ours, it was absolutely beautiful. The space was very open, which I loved. We had our own swimming pool, living room, kitchen, master bedroom with a canopied bed, massage room, and a large open-air bathroom that made us feel “one’ with nature.

Best private villa in Bali
Large outdoor shower


I could go down a long list of what I loved about our stay at Kayumanis, but I’m simply going to share with you my top 5.

1. 24-Hour Butler Service

When Karl and I heard the words “My name is Eddie, and I’ll be your butler during your stay,” I will never forget the looks we both exchanged with one another. Was this real life? Or was this a scene straight out of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Yes, we heard correctly. We were getting our very own Geoffrey.

The butler service operated exactly as they said they would, making every effort to make us feel at home without being super conspicuous. Although I typically tend to be more of an adventure traveler who spends most of my time out exploring, our mission during our honeymoon was a little more simple: relax, relax, and do a little more relaxing on top of that. So having a butler service came in pretty handy for a couple of newlyweds.

Best private villa in Bali

2. In-Room Massage

Nothing quite made us feel as pampered as having a masseuse come to us. Enough said.

Best private villa in Bali

3. Delicious Food Delivered Every Day

Spoiling us even further, they delivered food to our gourmet kitchen each day. Oh and it was amazing. I very much enjoyed all the authentic Indonesian cuisine the chef whipped up. They are actually quite proud of their on-site restaurant, Kayumanis Resto Jimbaran, and for good reason. The food is not only yummy, but it’s also pretty—like Instagram pretty. Just take a look at their Instagram feed, and you’ll see what I mean.

PS. They re-stocked our minibar and delivered fresh fruit to us every day. All complimentary.

Best private villa in Bali

4. Heavenly Private Pool

Each villa comes with its own private pool. The temperature of the water was always somehow perfect. Karl spent hours just wading around. As you may have noticed in the video, the pool put him in a weird trance. It was pretty entertaining actually.

Best private villa in Bali

5. Close to the Beach

Although I loved the pool, I greedily wanted more. I wanted an ocean, and an ocean is what I got. 3 short minutes of walking outside of the estate led me to Jimbaran Beach. It gave me a chance to whip out my quadcopter and capture some beautiful aerial shots of the area. #DroneSelfie for the win.

Best private villa in Bali

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Have you ever had a hotel experience that blew your mind? Let me know in the comments below!


Best private villa in Bali

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  1. Bali has been making a lot of right noises off late. I would
    love to visit it soon. Luxuries such as massage in the room and a private pool
    is not something which one experiences every day. I am sure you had a great
    time here.

  2. This looks like the best villa experience. That private pool and outdoor shower is stuff of dreams!!

    Abigail of

  3. The private pool is such a dream, I bet you took advantage of it and took some dips in the middle of the night. The complimentary fresh fruits are such a nice gesture. And having your own butler? Dream!

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