10 Tips to Surviving a Road Trip Together

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Road trips with your significant other should be fun—not frustrating. Being confined to a car together for hours at a time, however, can either bring a couple closer or run them over. Follow these road trip romance tips to help you and your lover avoid any bumps in the road.

1. Bring a Sweater and Blanket

With almost every couple, one person’s hot, while the other one’s cold. If this scenario sounds familiar, avoid an argument and come prepared with a sweater and a blanket. If the passenger likes it cold, while the driver likes it warm, a Snuggie is always an option. It may look ridiculous, but at least it will keep you warm while you’re behind the wheel—and it will give your partner something to laugh at.


2. Buy an Electric Travel Blanket

Heated travel blankets are great for long road trips, and especially benefit people who get cold very easily. It takes several minutes to heat up after being plugged in to a car’s cigarette lighter, and once it’s ready, you’ll be warm and toasty.tip-2-heated-blanket

3. Bring Snacks

Avoid getting grumpy by making sure your stomachs are always full. Pack snacks that you both will love and make sure you have wet wipes and napkins handy for easy cleanups.


4. Avoid Greasy Food

When it comes to eating, stay away from greasy foods. The oil found in snacks like french fries and potato chips will make your car smell horrible—and bad odors aren’t very sexy. So stick to the healthy stuff. If you have a craving for something oily, stop somewhere and dine in if you have the time. This will also be a good chance to escape the confinement of the car for a short while.tip-4-eat-healthy

5. Bring Air Freshener

Another way to keep your car smelling pleasant is to spray a little air freshener into your vents or stick an air freshener vent clip in your car.


6. Air Out Your Flatulence

If you’re feeling a little gassy, be courteous to your sweetheart. Roll the windows down before you let one loose.


7. Bring a Dual Charging Device

Bring a car charger with multiple USB ports or a power inverter so you can charge both your cell phones at the same time, as well as any other devices you guys bring.


8. Entertain Each Other

According to a survey conducted by YourTango, 91 percent of couples have taken road trips together and 84 percent said the experience strengthened their relationship. So this is a good opportunity to bond with each other. You can do this by entertaining one another with good conversation, fun music, and car games. If you have conflicting tastes in music, bring an ipod and headphones—just don’t keep them on the entire ride. Make time to enjoy each other’s company.


9. Take a Detour

Try and squeeze in a few fun detours along the way. We downloaded the Roadtrippers app (download here for Android or here for iTunes), which allows you to create custom itineraries while showing you hidden gems to visit. We entered in our route and it pinpointed all the scenic spots located throughout our drive. The app led us to a state park where we pulled over to watch the sunset. It’s the perfect way to make your road trip a romantic one.



10. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Overall, let the little things slide. Think twice about whether something is really worth complaining about or picking a fight over. Find opportunities to be silly, crack jokes, and just have fun together. Try and approach your road trip with an “us against the world” attitude and by the time you reach your destination, nothing else will matter but the two of you.




10 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with Your Significant Other

10 Replies to “10 Tips to Surviving a Road Trip Together”

  1. This was so cute! Excellent video and advice! I love going on road trips. It’s a great chance to spend quality time with your significant other. My husband and I just did one to New Orleans from Atlanta.

    1. We live in Atlanta too! I’ve taken that 7 hour drive to New Orleans mannnny times haha, so I know how long that can feel! And, you’re absolutely right – road trips are great opportunities for bonding. Thank you for watching =D

  2. Oh, your honesty makes me happy. Have you road tripped with a gassy baby? That’s a tough one. Great tip about not having greasy food, as smudges are an OCD traveler’s worst nightmare.

    1. LOL! I’m slightly OCD so I totally agree with you! Haha and babies can’t roll the window down unfortunately.

  3. Great tips. I like the first one and number 6 the best….roll down that window! I’ll be warm. I have my blanket!

  4. We love road trips! It gives us a chance to solve all the world’s problems! The hot cold thing is always an issue especially if one of you is in the sun! New car with the dual temperature control make this much easier. We have a friend that says a GPS is essentials- stops all fights about directions!

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